Work platform AMV CEL-11

Designed for lifting personnel and equipment. It’s special boom and trolly configuration makes it highly manoeuvrable and suitable for long-reach tasks. Trolly movement is chain driven, and the rotation of both the boom-console and basket-console is driven by self-drivers. The machine can be manufactured, either as a fully diesel/hydraulic machine, or as a hybrid machine.

Powering the hydraulic pumps may then be done by the diesel engine or an electric motor. With the hybrid option, a front mounted cable reel which allows the machine to connect to 1000V power grids can be added. Controlling both the chassis and boom movements may be done remotely by radio transmitter. For easy exchange and basket depending on the job needed to be done, there is a quick release between the boom and basket.

Chassis: VOLVO FMX 460 8×4
Emissions class: EURO 6
El-motor: Power output: 90/117 KW 50 Hz


  • Fixed basket: SWL 1000 kg (incl. 2 persons)
  • Membrane basket: SWL 750 kg (incl. 2 persons & 400 kg membrane)
  • Bolting basket: SWL 650 kg (incl. 1 person)
  • PE basket: SWL 1000 kg (incl. 2 persons)
  • Charging basket: SWL 500 kg (incl. 1 person)
  • Drilling basket: SWL 200 kg (inc. 2 persons)

Bolt Rig truck AMV 236T

Designed and developed for bolt holes for mounting of tunnel lining and technical equipment for tunnelling It is controlled by highly advanced navigation technology to ensure accurate and systematic drilling og holes. The equipment is designed to handle tunnel profiles from T8.5 to T12.5. A standard truck chassis as base of the rig makes the equipment flexible in both handling and transport. During operation in the tunnel, the whole rig (including chassis) is controlled from the operator cabin without entering the chassis cabin.

The bolting rig can either be supplied with diesel-hydraulic power directly from the chassis, or electro-hydraulic power from electrical motors connected to 1000V power grids.

Concrete Element Lifter AMV CEL-10

Designed to lift and transport roof and wall concrete elements for tunnel lining. It utilizes suction pads which grips elements with vacuum. A boom with reach on both sides and in the rear of truck ensure a sufficient work area. The machine is also built on a truck chassis to ensure mobility both in the working environment and on a public road. Hydraulic power is generated from pumps mounted on the chassis PTO (Power take-off). All the functions of the machine are radio controlled, including driving, and steering of the truck. The machine will be rebuilt with different suction pads depending on the elements being used. You mount around 30 elements on a 12-hour shift.